Dr Isaac Andy | Influential Leader of 2023 | Iconic Express Magazine

Dr Isaac Andy | Influential Leader of 2023 | Iconic Express Magazine

From: Jeff Thomas <jeff@iconicexpress-mag.com>
Date: Thu, May 4, 2023, 9:24 PM
Subject: Iconic Mag - Influential Leader of 2023
To: Isaac 

Isaac, to continue with my last email, you have been selected as one of the "Top 10 Influential Leaders of 2023".

A brief biography of the featured leader, written from a business perspective in a 700-word article, which provides an overview of you and iZND Group of Companies.

As stated earlier, for $ 900 you will get two full-page profile in the magazine that will also include a headshot of the leader, a high-resolution PDF of your profile, an HTML link with a backlink, a digital logo, a media or press release, and a digital certificate of recognition.

I'd like to get started on the profiling process, but I need your signature on the contract order first.

Can I share the contract order to initiate the profiling process?

Jeff Thomas
Iconic Express Magazine

On 05/01/2023 10:20 AM, Jeff Thomas wrote:

Greetings from Iconic Express Magazine.

It is my pleasure to announce to you this honor as one of the "Top 10 Influential Leaders of 2023".

Who I Am
Jeff, a renowned sales professional and a member of the editorial team at Iconic Express Magazine.

Our Identity
As a magazine media company with more than half a decade of experience, we're focused both on print and digital by reaching out to C-level executives and other senior decision-makers in different sectors globally.

Primary Concern
A focused firm is run by an inspiring leader who promote and procure agenda by driving profitability through structural strategy.

Market Research
It's not just about your aspiring achievements but an inspiration to forthcoming entrepreneurs through your unique and distinctive profession that illustrates your role model, breakthroughs, leadership lessons, conceptual and a lot more with weighted words.

Article Walkthrough
Along with your story, the iZND Group of Companies' origin, solutions, vision, mission, services, products, strengths, new ideas, and long-term goals will be highlighted so that the reader understands what it means to collaborate with you on their current or upcoming projects.

A sponsorship of $ 900 will fetch the below:
•    A two page profile in the magazine with your headshot picture.
•    Online magazine link with all 10 leaders in it.
•    An HTML backlink directs readers to your website.
•    A digital logo to add as a badge to your signature.
•    A certified plaque as a certificate for digital campaigns.
•    Two advertisements in any of our magazines.
•    All the above will be posted on our social channels.
•    Publish your media and press on our website.
•    You are approved to reprint the above-said in any numbers.