How to: Mine Monero CryptoCurrency on your Raspberry Pi using CPUminer / minergate

 How to Mine Monero CryptoCurrency on
your Raspberry Pi

Source & credits, special thanks
Source & credits thanks

You probably already asked yourself about mining with your Raspberry Pi

Now that Bitcoin becomes really hard to mine, Monero is the new Bitcoin
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to mine Monero on Raspberry Pi

How to mine the Monero crypto currency on your Raspberry Pi?
Mining Monero on Raspberry Pi is easy when you have the good tools
You can download and install a miner for free, to start mining a few minutes later
You also need an account on a mining pool to do this (I’ll show you how)

So, let’s start learning a little more about this topic
I’ll start with a short introduction about crypto currencies, Monero and mining pool
Then we’ll see how to install a miner on your Raspberry Pi
And finally, we’ll talk a little about profitability when mining on Raspberry Pi

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